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Agile Software Development

We use agile practices because they deliver value quickly and establish the type of collaboration we want to have with clients. Short feedback loops, incremental evidence of progress, and efficiency are some of the reasons we look for opportunities to apply agile development in new settings, applica...

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System Integration

Software development rarely occurs in a vacuum and requires reliable and timely coordination across project teams and extend into the organization’s ecosystem. Bringing elements like interfaces, data conversion, and training together requires system integration experience that spans from project ini...

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User Experience/User Interface

User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) is a newer field of practice based on an age-old business principle: The customer is always right. Our job is to identify the ways we can help you achieve your objectives. We look to provide options that are supported by real user data, so decisions are made in...

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Cloud & DevOps

Cloud has the potential to streamline operational overhead that typically taxes on-premise solutions. Our cloud services approach is customized to meet the specific needs of our clients and address the solution architecture and technical requirements associated with each project. We bring clients...

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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) and its subdisciplines provide the foundation for strategic planning and to develop roadmaps to guide implementation efforts. Having an enterprise architecture based on your organization’s business and technical goals supports informed investments and management of your...

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Information Security

Interconnectivity and constituent facing services improve the efficiency of service delivery and unfortunately, also increases the number of types of information security threats faced by government entities. Safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining the trust of constituents requires a comprehens...

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